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Flying Sail

Artist residency and retreat by the sea


About Sea Art House

Sea Art House is situated in a beautiful and tranquil place near the sea. It is a quiet place for contemplation, experimentation, research, reflection on artistic practices, and merging experience with cultures from around the world.

What You will Find at Sea Art House 


Two separate apartments with their workspace and sea views.

Three Private Rooms

Fully furnished private rooms with beautiful sea views and terraces.

Well Equipped Studio Space

Spacious studio space with natural light and a great selection of tools, WIFI, and 24/7 access.

Beautiful Places to Visit Around

Situated between the beach and the city of Varna, Sea Art House has various trips to offer - to the palace and garden of Balchik, St. Konstantin and Helena Resort, etc.

Connect with Us

9 Jaques Cartier Street, Alen Mak, Varna

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